I hope that the intern can explore on his own. When he has enough knowledge, I can tell him some better.

I consider myself to be a good leader, and I Sweden Phone Number will  embarrass my subordinates. I will assign the intern something that he can do to improve . For example, for an executive who doesn’t understand the product at all, it is embarrassing for him to draw a prototype, but let him collect the data of the competing products and do some sorting, he can achieve it, and the process of collecting and sorting is itself. Just a workout and improvement.

 I will help him/her analyze why it is wrong and where it is wrong

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forward to stop it for the time being, because the memory of mistakes made in person will be deeper and the reflection will be more thorough. When I analyze, I hope can listen carefully, understand carefully, and avoid the same mistakes in the future.

I hope that the intern can explore on his own.  When he has enough knowledge, I can tell him some better methods, which can not only improve his efficiency, but also stimulate his desire to explore more good methods.

Able to do some work exploratively

Sometimes I’ll give the intern some work, but I won’t tell him the best way right away, I hope he/she can try it by himself, even if it’s slow, stupid, and makes some mistakes, as long as it’s manageable are acceptable within.

Because when I tell him these good methods, he will be lazy, stop thinking, and continue to use this method. For example, you are learning to walk, and suddenly someone tells you that it is much faster to take a car, and you are likely to give up trying to walk and go directly to the car. The downside of this is that compared to walking, the car is fast enough, and it is very fast that you have no desire to explore other modes of transportation, so you lose the opportunity to discover planes, trains, and even rockets.

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