I have a patient who told me that his mother was a prostitute who used drugs

I have a patient who told me that his mother a prostitute who used drugs, so it normal for him to see clients use drugs to control his mother since he a child. When he grew up, he also used drugs to control other people, only to caught the police, with a blank look on his face as to what he done wrong. It not until after receiving treatment that he realized that what he thought a “normal” life actually abnormal.

There It also patients who thinking that sexually assaulted

Their mother’s boyfriend since Kuwait Phone Number childhood, thinking that this the right thing, and when they grow up, they also do the same to sexually assault underage boys and girls. It only after receiving treatment that I mustered the courage to slowly recover from the trauma and developed empathy to take responsibility for the wrongs of the past.

Working here has learned a lot and changed a lot

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especially the perception of mentally ill offenders. I used to think that these mentally ill criminals were just pretending to be ill to escape crime, but now I do see a different side of them. The issue of mental illness often appears in Taiwanese society, but not yet resolved. The public also has a negative view of mentally ill patients. It hoped that through this personal work sharing, the public’s established impression of mentally ill patients and mentally ill criminals can be changed.

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