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As you can see, the keyword suggestions aren t the best, but you can find some relevant keywords there. That s basically the mechanism behind the slightly more advanced Dynamic Search Ads DSA format, which selects keywords to bid on its own. Discover more advanced formats, features and options PPC marketing would be pretty easy if I could cover everything here. But that s not even remotely the case. Here are a few ad formats, features, and targeting options to consider once you get the hang of the basics. 1. Manual and automatic ad extensions Ad extensions are additional text added to your ads in addition to the standard headline, description and URL. untitled They can be set up at both the ad and account level and are one of the first features to consider once you get the basics down.

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If you need the automatic extensions New Zealand phone number usually for local businesses , you will likely need to connect your Google Ads account to your Google My Business account . 2. Remarketing Ad Formats Along with conversion tracking, you can set up a tracking code that collects data about your website visitors. You can then use this data later to reach these visitors again via various Google Ads formats. For example, you can adjust bids and show tailored search ads to your past visitors if they continue to search for relevant keywords through Search Ads Remarketing Lists RLSA . These ads are a great way to convert undecided visitors into customers. But remarketing can do much more than RLSAs. You can do this on the Display Network, YouTube, or even Gmail.

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Sign in to Google My Business Google My Business is a free tool that entrepreneurs can use to create, manage and optimize their Google Business profile. This will help you rank better on relevant Google searches — both in web search and on Google Maps. Optimizing your profile takes about 30 minutes, so it s a quick win you shouldn t miss — especially if you re serving local customers. Follow the guide below to create a well-optimized profile in 30 minutes. Recommended article How to optimize Google My Business in 30 minutes 8. Do SEO for your existing sites 53.3 of all website traffic comes from organic search. And 76 of people who search for something near them on their smartphone visit a store within a day. This means If you want to have more customers today, you have to rank on Google.


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