How to Use Natural Marketing to Connect Brands and People

This is guilherme de bortoli and in this post we will continue the series about natural marketing ! In the first text we explain what natural marketing is! Now it’s time to show how it can connect brands and people ! Let’s check it out? Many businesses already work producing original content all the time and don’t realize it. Since the creation of a company, its history, challenges and lessons learned develop in many ways. And this is very valuable for the image that the company. Can create from the point of view of its audience. It’s a waste not. To use this story, however brief, in the digital environment to show. The public what your brand’s purpose is .

Why Natural Marketing exists

People want to connect, so tell your story in a way they can relate to and see value in every challenge overcome and every goal achieved. Check out how to tell stories that sell in VP Media Email Lists the video below! Tip: storytelling: learn to tell your brand story in a powerful way why natural marketing exists natural marketing exists to perpetuate the best of your company! Moving on to the practical issue, we at orgânica identified that we also needed to change the way of looking at the marketing and sales funnel . Instead of separating marketing actions into outbound and inbound.

VP Media Email Lists

We Understand That Different

Human beings need different approaches and that’s why we organize our customers’ communication by aggregating passive and active actions. Instead of using the traditional funnel, we understand that reality calls for a y funnel . Y funnel – natural marketing y funnel used in natural marketing before, it was thought that for a person who wants to have his problem solved by someone, the brand will act as an asset from end to end. Likewise, when a prospect who was consuming content alone was located, it was understood that their preference.

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