How to Track Google Analytics Custom Events (the Easy Way)

Looking for an easy way to set up custom events in Google Analytics? With custom events, you can track additional information that isn’t possible by default in Analytics. They provide a better understanding of how people use and interact with your website. You can get information such as which form gets the most conversions, which videos your users click on, or which files they download. But setting up custom events can be tricky, especially for beginners. This is because it requires some coding if you try to configure them manually. Real Estate Photo Editing Service So, in this article, we will tell you how to track Google Analytics custom events using two methods.

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You Can Switch to Any Method that Interests You

ExactMetrics is the best WordPress Analytics plugin. Buy it for free! Automatically Track Custom Events Using ExactMetrics – The Easiest Way Manually configure custom event tracking in Google AnalyticsLet’s start with a brief introduction to Google Analytics custom events. What are custom events in Google Analytics? To understand custom events, you first need to know what events are. Any user interaction with your content, such as clicking on a link, can be measured as an event in Google Analytics. Other example events include file download, CTA button click, mobile ad click, form submission, and video play. But since Google Analytics doesn’t track these interactions by default, you’ll need to set them up manually.

For That, You Need to Know how Custom Events Work

How do Google Analytics custom events work? Custom events work by recording different variables each time a user interacts with your content. They help identify what the interaction was, how many people clicked on it, etc. Thus, a custom event contains the following elements: Event Category – This is the name you want to give to the interaction a user performs, such as downloads or form. Event Action – With Action, you can see what kind of interaction was made, like clicking on a link.

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