How to Track Google Ads Campaigns in Google Analytics

Looking for a way to see how your Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Campaigns are performing? By setting up tracking in Google Analytics. You can get insights into which keywords are driving the most clicks and conversions. View a visual representation of your users’ journey through your website. And more. Crop resizing service In this article, we’ll walk you through how to track Google Ads campaigns in Google Analytics. Let’s start… Why track Google Ads campaign performance? Google Ads tracking can help you understand how people interact with your ad campaigns.

Crop resizing service

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Buy it for free! You know if your visitors are buying your products or signing up for your service when they come to your website through an advertisement. This way you know if the money you invest in Google Ads is profitable or not. Other benefits of Google AdWords tracking in Google Analytics include:Optimize your ad campaigns to maximize your revenue or return on investment (ROI)Discover ad groups, keywords, profitable campaigns, and more.

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your Google Ads accountUnderstand your audience’s user flow Dive Deep with the Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Report Optimize your sales funnel and make sure people don’t face any issues like checkoutGet other website data with AdWords for more information With that, let’s see how you can track your AdWords campaigns in Google Analytics. How to link AdWords to Google Analytics Just follow these steps and you’ll be seeing your Google Ads data in Analytics in no time. Step 1: Get the Google Ads tracking code To get started, you first need to create a new campaign in Google Ads and get the tracking code. You can do this by going to the Google Ads homepage and clicking Start now.

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