How to Stop Throwing Money Away With Google Ads?

It is interesting to configure so that your campaigns take place within a time when you can provide service to the public , if necessary. It is also interesting that you evaluate the results of the campaigns and identify which are the times when the most conversions occur. With this information, it is also possible to optimize investments and ensure a higher conversion rate. 12. Choosing bad keywords keywords are the foundation of any google ads campaign . However, it is common to find companies that choose the worst options of terms to use, and this directly influences the results. To avoid this error, you need to pay attention to a few details.

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Keywords must match your ads’ destination urls; choose keywords that are present on the landing page to increase the ad score; start your campaign with more focused keywords, and expand if necessary; take the opportunity to explore exact matches and sentence amplifications; analyze what are the most Partners Email Address common search terms used by your target audience. Tip: how to optimize the company website with the right keywords? You also need to keep an eye out for negative keywords. Analyze which ads are driving conversions and which are just driving clicks. See if these results are really valuable to your business and optimize your ad strategy, choosing the words that really bring real conversions for your business.

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Create Only One Ad Per Group

Create only one ad per group really, it’s important to make comparisons with your company’s ads. But for that you need to have a minimum amount of ads in each group . Keeping a considerable amount of ads in each group is no problem. So, to make a good comparison, be careful: create ad groups with at least three types each; when creating these ads, remember to do them in a very differentiated way, so that you can compare and know exactly what is increasing conversions and what is not; always pause the worst ads to prevent the best performing ones from being harmed. 14. Advertise to the site’s homepage as mentioned.

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