How to Properly Configure Google Analytics for Woo Commerce

In conclusion, Looking for a quick and easy way to add Google Analytics to your WooCommerce store? With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your online store. Moreover, You can get insights into your customer’s buying behavior. Which product is selling the most? Therefore, where your visitors are coming from. Which campaign is performing the best, and much more? In this article, we will show you how to properly configure. Google Analytics for WooCommerce. Wedding Photo Editing Let’s cut to the chase… Setting up Google Analytics for your. WooCommerce store To get, just follow these steps and you’ll be tracking your WooCommerce store’s performance in Google Analytics in no time.

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Exact Metrics Is the Best Word Press Analytics

However, plugin Buy it for free! Step 1: Install ExactMetrics and the e-commerce extension The first step is to get your hands on ExactMetrics. It is the best Premium WordPress Analytics plugin that offers many features including WooCommerce tracking. You can use the plugin to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website without having to touch a single line of code or hire a developer. exact metrics-best-WordPress-plugin-for-google-analytics Using the ExactMetrics eCommerce addon, you can automatically track your WooCommerce store in Google Analytics. No additional configuration or coding is.

But Note that You Will Need the Exact Metrics

Pro plan to set up e-commerce tracking. To install the addon, go to your WordPress dashboard then go to ExactMetrics ยป Addons. Then go to eCommerce and click Install. The addon will install and activate automatically. install exact metrics eCommerce woo commerce conversion tracking moduleStep 2: Enable Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics After installing ExactMetrics and its e-commerce add-on, the next thing you’ll need to do is enable enhanced e-commerce in Google Analytics. Enhanced eCommerce allows you to see all your essential data about your online store in Google Analytics. To activate it, go to your Analytics account then select the property (WooCommerce site) on which you want to set up eCommerce tracking.

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