How to Get the Contact of This Visitor?

Basically, you will be able to find opportunities in different places on the planet, which accept your qualified work during the period of your stay. Wwoof if you prefer an even more alternative experience , you can access wwoof , and stay at an organic farm for free. All you have to do is help the locals with their farm tasks. In view of so many alternatives, do agencies and operators have their days numbered? Those that position themselves as simple ticket issuers, yes. Behavior change (but not so much) the way we communicate and how we interact with other people has changed dramatically in recent years. And we don’t even need to mention that the internet was the main driver of this revolution. But people are still people. Today we have access to information astronomically easily and quickly.

Space for Personalized Services

But as independent as we seem to be, we still need close contact. We need someone offering us a bespoke service . When we bring this to the context of tourism , we need something or someone to reassure us that we have chosen the best airline, that the hotel is good, or that we are not going to get into trouble when arriving at our destination. And this is even more latent in generation x and baby Media Directors Email Lists boomers . ” the world is high tech, but people are still high touch “. This sentence, spoken by prof. Glauco cavalcanti in one of his excellent mba classes at fgv, echoed in my memory and daily proves to be totally adequate. We have a lot of technology around our lives, for practically all activities, but we are still beings that need proximity to our fellow human beings.

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Close Despite the Distance

So, as we live in this technological world where human relationships are still important, what makes us think that a totally impersonal service can overcome a look at the needs of each client , punctually? In my opinion, this is where agencies and operators that do not yet have such an advanced technological apparatus will be able to excel. Space for personalized services a major advantage that travel agencies have over internet-focused players is personal contact . This allows for eye-to-eye, coffee visit, handshakes and a greater sense of security when traveling. So, if these companies implement some small optimizations in their capture and service processes , the sales results can be significantly better. According to gary vaynerchuk , in the bestseller gratitude: how to generate an incredible feeling of satisfaction in all your customers , the times of word-of-mouth selling are back.

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