How Technology Has Transformed the Way of Shopping in Tourism

More than talking about technological transformations and buying habits looking to the past, this article will show that, with small actions, you can differentiate your business. It is not necessary to invest in expensive tools to obtain results in sales through the internet in tourism . And, if at the end of this article this is clear, i will be satisfied! It is very common to see agencies and tour operators needing to rethink their way of selling. Especially with the advent of new tools that shorten the path between the buyer and the offer of tours, hotels and tickets. If that’s not your case, then this article isn’t for you . Giants in the tourism market such as decolar , viajanet and hotel urbano have turned competition in an online environment into a disproportionate fight.

The Threat Comes From All Sides

Disputing for price with companies that often have a value below traditional agencies and operators is an arduous and almost impossible task . We can say that there is a “before and after” of otas (online travel agencies). Why am i going to buy at the physical branch if it’s cheaper on the PR Directors Email Lists internet? I’m sure every agency has had to answer this question. And the answer usually concerns the quality of the service offered. In the differentiated treatment that the personalized service allows. And it’s a fair argument. At least for the moment. The threat comes from all sides in addition to the price and speed issue that portals like decolar offer, tools like airbnb generate chills in the hotel market .

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Behavior Change (but Not So Much)

As much as there are arguments that airbnb users have a different profile from traditional hotel users, that airbnb has brought possibilities for a new profile of travelers, the truth is that there is an increasing interest in alternatives and competition exists. Yea. There are countless possibilities for travel driven by the collaborative economy movement . A few more alternatives are worth mentioning: couchsurfing the couchsurfing platform allows you to connect hosts and guests, but the proposal is to welcome people into their homes for free. You stay, literally, for free. Worldpackers at worldpackers you can find free rooms in exchange for a service (labor) you can offer.

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