How Does the Growth Pyramid Work

This is Guilherme de Bortoli and in this post we will end the series on Natural Marketing , our new work methodology! If you missed the previous posts just click below: Post 1 – What is Natural Marketing? Post 2 – How to use Natural Marketing to connect brands and people On to the last post of the series then! How does the Growth Pyramid work? The solid ground, the firm foundation of market-leading businesses is a well-made and well-applied business strategy. Vision, mission, market objective, purpose, the causes it embraces, all this is very clear for the entire management of the business.

What is the Growth Pyramid?

And for those who participate in each internal process too! Growth Pyramid – Natural Marketing Growth Pyramid – Natural Marketing Attitudes that clarify these guidelines maintain the health and structure of the business, the solid foundation for growth compared to its competitors . And they are the VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists starting point of strategic marketing, where the answers to the questions are: What is the problem that my company solves? who are the people who have this problem? where are these people? What can I offer to solve this problem in terms of product or service? at what price? Does this price reflect the value I offer? With a well-designed strategic marketing plan, then actions can be focused on digital marketing , participation in events, advertising and much more.

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Promise and Delivery

These actions must have as their main objective to unite the company’s strategic vision with its customers , generating value and connection and then generating sales opportunities. Tip: Understand how Natural Marketing helps put your brand in people’s hearts Sales contexts can be varied. The commercial contact can be through e-commerce, service with commercial team or physical store. It is important to understand that the purchase journey, when applying the Natural Marketing methodology , brings customers more aligned with the brand’s goals and purposes. Soon, they also arrive at the final decision more connected with their business and more likely to do business.

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