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Pseudonym IDs On the one hand, the prescribes that you are violating. The law if you collect pseudonymous cookie IDs, advertising IDs and other end-user IDs. Data that can be linked to a person using other data. On the other hand. The law also states that when determining whether an individual is identifiable by pseudonymous IDs. All means Turkey WhatsApp Number List individual must be taken into account. Exactly where the boundary is, therefore, depends on interpretation. Also read: Google will block tracking cookies in Chrome in 2022 2. IP addresses When a user clicks on an Ads ad, it is necessary that an IP address is sent so that the visitor comes to the correct website.

Hood Of Kampuchea

At the same time, the transmission of this IP. Address to Google services is absolutely prohibited. The Dutch Data Protection Authority indicates that in many cases a full IP address is considered personal data. However, there are situations in which an IP address can be used in such a way that it cannot be traced back to a person. For example, if a website recognizes from which country a visitor comes (and which language preference someone has on the basis of the IP address). In this situation, there is no violation of the law.

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How to accidentally collect PII You probably know it: you receive a newsletter from which you want to unsubscribe. You click on the link in the footer and you will be sent to the website. Your e-mail address with which you can unsubscribe has already been entered in the form. This is because your email address was included in the URL in the following way  This URL is often also sent to systems such as Google Analytics. Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager or DV 360. As a result, PII ends up in the systems.

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