History of Article Placement Issues Does Not Violate

The google search engine. The publisher has no history of article placement. Issues the qualitative evaluation of the editorial team is at least. The technical evaluation of the editorial. Office is at least 2, does not violate white press Spain Phone Number publishers terms and conditions. Checking the publisher’s portals – 2020 we have started checking all active. Portals again since may 2020 if the descriptions and / or offers have. Been updated before 2019. This process will take several months (it will be undertaken by two publishers). We would like to ask website publishers to respond. Quickly to our requests and questions.

Items That Will Be Check

On the website: the number of visitors, although Spain Phone Number until we receive the current statistics from the publisher, we will mark this parameter as untrustworthy or outdated. Qualitative assessment (explained below). Technical evaluation (explain below), category, site tags, the porta of a lower or higher quality, the visibility of indicators according to ahrefs not manipulat, service offer. The most important element of the portal. Verification process is to help publishers expand their offering. We would like to encourage you to read the article. How to earn more with whitepress – 11 tips for publishers qualitative evaluation. if the goal is to promote a particular event or temporary promotion, the article does not need to remain on the site for one year.

We Mainly Check

Spain Phone Number List

If the advertorial (linking) articles Spain Phone Number are available on the website, or if the editorial team of the portal creates its own content. Evaluation method: the last 10 items are subject to verification. Additionally, the number of articles that have list as editorial check. Scoring: +3 points – at least 8 editorial articles, +2 points – at least 7 editorial articles, +1 point – at least 5 editorial articles, +0 points – the portal contains less than 5 editorial articles in the last 10 published articles. Content topical assessment (0-3 component points) purpose: we evaluate whether the website update frequently. Evaluation method: the last 10 articles are subject to verification.

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