there is no need to heat and add water, the room is not humid, and the essential oil molecules are not destroyed

It also has a negative impact on friends with respiratory diseases, and long-term use will increase the room humidity. It is also easy to create a humid breeding environment that dust mites love, and it is more likely to cause allergies. 66329058_xxl Features of the diffuser Mainly  the physical principle of vibration. The essential oil is suck up by the vacuum pull force generated by the air flow. On the power of the motor  with the two cores in the middle of the bottle. So that the essential oil collides  each other, and is pull to the glass nozzle. So that the essential oil molecules hit the glass.


Atomizers, which are converted

Into extremely finely-divided molecules Namibia Phone Number that quickly disperse into the air. Because there is no need to heat and add water, the room is not humid, and the essential oil molecules are not destroyed, so that the activity of the tiny essential oils can be kept intact, and the human body can completely absorb it in the most natural way, penetrate deep into the human body, and achieve the real aromatherapy effect. When the diffuser vibrates, it can not only atomize the essential oil molecules into smaller sizes, but also release hundreds of millions of particulate active molecules, making the room a healthy state of negative ions. When us the aroma diffuser. Special attention should be paid to the selection of pure essential oils. Do not buy essential oils from unknown sources at will. And it is not recommend. To use essential oils thicker textures alone. Otherwise it will easily cause the core to block.


 Characteristics of water oxygen machine

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The original function of the water oxygen machine is to humidify the room, and it is very popular in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other drier countries. Later, in order to increase the aroma. The water oxygen machine  successfully combin . The essential oil. And it became an increasingly common fragrance diffusion tool. The operation principle of the water oxygen machine is to atomize.TRthe water molecules by ultrasonic vibration. So that the essential oil floats outh the physicaliz water the level of the vibration frequency will image the atomization result. The water oxygen machine will volatilize 80-100c.c. of water per hour. The climate in Taiwan is relatively humid. Unless it is use in an air-conditioned room. It  easily make the room more humid. Allow mold to grow. Accelerate the reproduction of dust mites. And cause respiratory diseases. Asthma, allergies. And houses also prone to wall cancer. Because adding water will reduce the concentration of essential oils and limit the fragrance diffusion function. Usually, the closer you are to the water oxygen machine, the stronger the flavor will be, and the farther you are, the less obvious the aroma will be. Oil is lighter water. And oil and water cannot be combin so chemical surfactants usually add. So the essential oil in the water oxygen machine  consum quickly. 46058237_xxlWhen it comes to Cambodia. perhaps what comes to mind in your mind is the world heritage site Angkor Wat, which attracts a large number of international tourists every year. However, this country with a rich cultural history experi

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