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Query String and Screen Class will display the URL. The remaining columns in the table show “Metrics”. A metric is a specific element of the dimension. For example, the Page Title dimension can be associated with a metric such as New Users, Unique User Scrolls, Event Counts, and other engagement metrics. conversions The conversions report shows you which user activities contribute to the success of your business. For an e-commerce store, that could be a purchase. For a lead generation website, it could be filling out a contact form. In GA4, the “goals” are measure as conversion events. The event data you see in your GA4 reports is triggere when users interact with your site. To get to the conversions report Sign up for Google Analytics. Click Expand Lifecycle Reports .

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Click on Engagement – expand reports . Click Bolivia phone number Conversions . BY THE WAY.The Conversions report is actually an engagement report of some sort, but I wante to point that out because it s one of the most important reports in GA4. The bar chart and scatter chart are automatically populate with the metrics you specifie in the table below. The table lists events by name, number of associate conversions, total users, and event earnings. Click on an event name to open a report on that event. In an eCommerce store, you might want to see additional information about the users who start the checkout process. To do this, click on the event name “begin_checkout”. A new report will then open showing the traffic source, number of conversions and value for the selecte event only.

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Click on the dropdown menus in the top left corner of the line chart to customize the metrics and dimensions in the report. For example, you can choose to show the number of conversions or event value. You can also view event origin by event source, event medium, event campaign, overtime, or by Google Ads metrics. Add a secondary dimension, such as City, to the Explorer table by clicking the blue plus icon next to column 1. How to improve your website with Google Analytics Setting up Google Analytics and understanding how to configure reports is just the start. The benefit of learning how to use GA4 is that you can answer marketing questions with real data. If you ve just installe. Google Analytics, you ll nee to wait at least 24-48 hours for the data to appear in the reports.


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