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As your email campaigns. So increase the value of your content by trying your hand at creating one today. Don’t forget. To upload any video content you do create to your website or emails. You can simply embed it there or add an image of the video as a thumbnail that links through to a landing page. That way. It lasts much longer than when it stays in a newsfeed. Hopefully you can now see that video doesn’t have to involve a costly investment or a risk to your brand’s reputation – ultimately. It’s all about carefully planning and accounting for every step of your video content creation.

Now it’s your turn – are you ready to get started? Which combination of platforms sounds the best to you? Comment and let me know below! Guest author: marijana kay is a content writer and strategist who specialises in b2b. Marketing and saas. She’s obsessed with improving content marketing one business at a time. Focusing on conversion-driven insights.Naturally. More visitors means more conversions. Regardless of your current conversion rate. If you’re not dedicating time and effort towards turning your brand into an authority in the niche. You’re missing out.

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What you need is to divert at least a chunk of your attention towards inbound marketing. Inbound is exactly what the name says it is: a blend of marketing strategies designed to channel potential buyers to your business through relevant content creating, search engine marketing and a social media presence. If you’re not already making use of at least a Hong Kong phone number couple of the tips I’m going to share with you below, you’re doing it wrong. conent marketing guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Business First Name * Email * Download Now Tip #1: Create compelling content Grabbing the interest of your audience is mandatory if you’re looking to increase inbound traffic. 

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You can’t just publish hundreds of low-quality articles and focus only on quantity. In the search engine optimization game, quality trumps quantity every time. You know your business better than anyone else. Use this to your advantage. Research the niche you’re operating in and find out what’s being shared and talked about. If you can bring a novel approach to solving a pressing problem, you will attract more visitors than if you were to simply rewrite what others have already said before you. Offer your unique view and approach on every subject that you publish on your website. 

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People want to know who you are, what you think of the problem, and what’s your approach to a valid solution. An online buyer’s cycle is a pretty standard process. Someone becomes aware of a need that they have. They consider the options that are at their disposal. They make a purchase. Inbound traffic image 1 Naturally, a satisfied customer will be a returning customer, meaning that your clients will slowly but surely drop the “consideration” step if they’re confident enough to trust your solution. Your job is far from done. You’ve started posting relevant, high-quality content on your website and your inbound traffic is on the rise.

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