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Have become the infrastructure of e-commerce platforms. In the future, e-commerce platforms will compete for internet. Celebrities increasingly fiercely. Trend 2: there will be cooperation between e-commerce and. Pan-entertainment live broadcast Italy Phone Number platforms. In the industry for most pan-entertainment. Live broadcast platforms, it is often difficult for users to directly. Access the e-commerce purchase channels Italy Phone Numberthe host broadcasts live. On such platforms, and the conversion rate. Will naturally be greatly reduced. In the future, there will inevitably be a live broadcast. Platform with a huge user traffic portal to reach. A cooperation with an e-commerce. Platform, and establish a direct purchase cooperation during the live broadcast process.

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Both live broadcast Italy Phone Number platforms and anchors. Create more income, and also bring more traffic. Conversion to the e-commerce platform, and live broadcast. Can also stimulate consumption more. Trend 3: pure e-commerce live broadcast platforms. Are quietly emerging obviously, live broadcast can stimulate. Consumers’ desire Italy Phone Number to buy more. So for some powerful merchants, they are likely to build their own live broadcast platform, and then build their. Own online e-commerce through the live broadcast platform. In the future, some new vertical. E-commerce live broadcast platform upstarts will emerge in this field. 3. In the short video and video markets. Content e-commerce is gradually infiltrating although not as eye-catching as live e-commerce, video e-commerce has been tried. By platforms long before mobile live broadcast.

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Four major video websites to start Italy Phone Number video shopping. In 2012, tmall released video shopping technology. And made a preliminary test. Beginning in 2014, ali and youku tudou jointly launched a video e-commerce strategy, and realized. Watching and buying. In 2012, also partnered with letv to launch a tv shopping column. With providing Italy Phone Number product support and letv providing video playback. During the video playback, if there is a matching product. The image of the product will be displayed. On the side of the video player, and the user can purchase it directly. To a certain extent, video e-commerce is closer. To traditional tv shopping. But the media channels have changed. One of the most important reasons.

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