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Therefore, bicycles have become the best Luxembourg Phone Number choice in many cases, as can be seen from the rows of personal bicycles parked at the exits of many subway stations. Compared with the bicycles bought by yourself, the rental bicycles can be used in more places. The bicycles you buy can only cover the distance from your Luxembourg Phone Number home to the subway station. Therefore, it is obviously untenable to say that renting a bicycle is better than buying one yourself. . The target users of rental bicycles are mainly young people with moderate to low incomes . This part of the user group is more “diaosi” than taxis, and they are price-sensitive. We can see middle-aged and elderly uncles and aunts on many municipal bicycles.

They Are the User Luxembourg Phone Number

Group who have used bicycles the longest. But not many Luxembourg Phone Number people can use apps. So they are not currently the target users of online rental bicycles. In addition, the current bicycle service. Is only used for travel, and has not been extended to travel. So bicycle enthusiasts are not within the scope of target users. In the process Luxembourg Phone Number of users leasing bicycles. The needs of users are mainly reflected in the points. Of convenience, speed and closeness to the people. The first is to find a car quickly. To know where there are cars around, and to find a closer car as soon as possible. Then there is the convenience of parking. Obviously, it is more convenient to find a car pile to park than to park anywhere.

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The convenience of the rental car process, including Luxembourg Phone Number deposit payment, unlocking, parking and other steps. Price is also one of the concerns of users. In addition, since the bicycle will have faults, users hope that the problem will solved as soon as possible, such as the failure to lock, end, and unlock. The demand Luxembourg Phone Number at the company level is mainly the utilization rate and damage rate of the vehicle . The utilization rate of the car is the efficiency of the user’s car use, so that more users can use the car, especially in some places with large traffic, and try to avoid the situation of personal occupation of the car; the damage rate of the car to prevent the car from being deliberately damaged, find and repair damaged cars as quickly as possible.

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