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Also have a certain relationship. One copy of the content. With the increasing number of official. Accounts, content homogeneity has become. A common problem faced by all official accounts. In the past, many public accounts could Hong Kong Phone Number achieve a breakthrough. Of 100,000+ views with a slightly innovative article, but today it is very difficult. Most of the official accounts are actually. Working as porters, and there are very few. High-quality original content, which invisibly causes many. Wechat users to have such a feeling that Hong Kong Phone Numberthis article seems. To have been read somewhere. , and then loyal users will have the moment of aesthetic fatigue. Although wechat’s dividend period has passed. It has brought a signal to the entire e-commerce industry.

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And live broadcast industry. Content e-commerce is becoming a new trend. Attack on content e-commerce. With the contentization. Of the two major e-commerce platforms, various live broadcast platforms such Hong Kong Phone Number have also become popular for e-commerce shopping. What kind of pattern will. The entire content e-commerce form? 1. Mobile information market content e-commerce will usher Hong Kong Phone Number in the three-strong. Pattern of wechat, uc+ali, toutiao+jd. Although the dividend period of micro-business is fading. The status of content e-commerce established based. On the wechat official account in the past cannot. Be easily shaken by other platforms. And micro-business will still become a force that cannot be ignored in the field of content e-commerce.

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Its own self-media ecosystem. In addition Hong Kong Phone Number to uc toutiao and toutiao. Which are building their own content e-commerce. Business, baidu baijia, 360 time, tencent penguin, netease, phoenix, yidian, sohu, and sina. Will not be excluded in the future. And so will reach into this field. However, from the current Hong Kong Phone Number situation, uc + taobao in a short period of time. From the point of view of traffic entry and self-media resources, the self-media resources of toutiao and uc subscription accounts are not weaker. Than those of the official account. Although the number is not comparable to that of the official account. In the short term. They are growing at a rate of several times every day.

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