Guilherme De Bortoli Explains What Natural Marketing is

But before getting into the subject, let’s understand a little bit of context. I have been working in marketing since 2006 and throughout this period i have seen the difficulties companies go through when it comes to connecting with their audience. Establishing a relationship of loyalty between brands and individuals is a constant challenge and can decide several clashes between market competitors. Therefore, there is a need to understand the new strategies , and the ball of the moment is, of course, natural marketing . Find out more below! What is the current concept of marketing? When you think of marketing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I’ll take a chance: ads !

What is Natural Marketing?

Got it right? Well, as an internet user, you may have already noticed that the amount of advertising of this type on websites and social networks is somewhat saturated. The number of ads is so large that a large part of the audience no longer pays attention to these pieces , ignoring them and, at times, even feeling VP Business Development Email Lists annoyed, which creates a negative feeling towards the brand. In addition, we have another big problem involved with this way of thinking about marketing: the cost of using certain tools and the demand for investments to advertise on social networks and compete for keywords has been increasing a lot. This prevents small companies from being able to compete directly with large corporations.

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Which End Up Having a Much

Larger budget to invest in ads and conquer a large space within the platforms. Combine this with the fact that most marketing agencies are just delivering solutions with little potential or no real impact for companies, and we have exactly the scenario we live in today. Most marketing actions are carried out only because there is a consensus that it brings a certain result , but there is no real purpose or a well-defined strategy that explains its application. What is natural marketing? Well, you already have an idea now, as i did, about the current context of marketing in the market and the difficulties that most companies are facing, so what is the epiphany that i and the rest of the team at orgânica had? We discovered natural marketing.

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