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As a result, you risk the aforementioned fines. In addition, Google may decide to delete all your Google Analytics data or disable your floodlights. And here are more situations where you unknowingly or accidentally collect PII: Visitors UAE WhatsApp Number List want to reset their password and will receive an email to do so. They click on the link in the email and land on a page where their username (which many people use their email for) is included in the URL. This also ends up in Google Analytics. Visitors enter their zip code and house number on a page to find a store near them.

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The zip code and house number are included in the URL. This information is then sent to, for example, Google Analytics. The Consequences of Leaking PII to Google Analytics If website visitors discover that you are leaking PII to Google Analytics and they report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, you risk a fine. This fine has a maximum amount of 4% of your worldwide annual turnover or a maximum of € 20 million., a Romanian website with GDPR and DPO templates for companies, was fined €3000. The website suffered from security problems.

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As a result, ironically, customer personal data and transactions were publicly available. In addition, in July 2019, the first fine of €460,000 was handed out in the Netherlands to a hospital for violation of the AVG GDPR. Apart from the financial impact, the risk of reputational damage is even greater. We saw that in the Facebook scandal that caused many users to leave the platform. What steps should you take? How do you find out if you are collecting or have collected PII? How do you delete this data and how do you prevent storage of PII in the future.

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