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Additionally, began to develop quantum-level computer Dubai Phone Number processors in 2014. They hope to provide robots with a brain that can think like a human. Bionic computer bionic computers can solve the problem of building large-scale artificial neural networks. Although this may be true, cpus (central processing units) and gpus (graphics processing units) are inefficient Dubai Phone Number in processing neural networks. And have problems in terms of footprint, heat dissipation, and power consumption. Specialized neural network processors can solve. These problems very well. Likewise, the cambrian neural network computer developed by chen yunji’s. Team is based on the principle of bionics. Compared with mainstream gpus. It has achieved 21 times the performance.

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Although this may be true, improvement. As image, voice and facial Dubai Phone Number recognition systems. Become more and more accurate, computers also have the ability. To detect people’s emotional states, including joy, anger, sadness, and joy. Love, hate, greed, delusion, etc. Likewise, make appropriate decisions reaction. So many people will have this question: can a robot Dubai Phone Number have the ability. To think independently like a normal person? On this subject, i once had a conversation with kevin kelly. A well-known internet prophet and former. Editor-in-chief of wired magazine. In kevin’s mind, the artificial intelligence of the future. Will generate its own consciousness, which will bring certain. Difficulties for us to fully control it. But will not pose a threat to destroy humanity.

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Likewise, ai will only be industrial ai service appliances. My strategic Dubai Phone Number plan for 360 is to align all hardware. Products with artificial intelligence. And expand in depth from image recognition technology and big. Data technology. At present, we have established corresponding technology research and development. Although this may be true, in Dubai Phone Number and the united states. And have also successively carried out a series of mergers. And acquisitions. In general, the overall planning of 360 in the field. Of artificial intelligence can be divided. Into the following four levels. The first level: the most basic hardware level. Developing and upgrading. Special chips that can perform deep. Learning on the cloud and on the terminal.

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