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Create that unbelievable first impression that knocks over anyone who checks out your profile. An investment in this area is well worth it in the long run. If we like it or not. The social web has made us all in the business of marketing – full time 247. If you have a 24 hour digital sales person. Who’s linkedin profile isn’t performing. Then it’s time to give them the skills they need to start generating interest. Reason 3: you need to stand out you need to stand out image for linkedin did you know that linkedin gets over 1 billion searches a day? As well as that. Over 49% of key decision makers are on linkedin… regardless of what industry you’re in. The size of company. Number of employees or the product you sell. Ultimately we are all in the business of marketing.

And the sole purpose of why we market our business is to get our message in front of the right key decision makers. With the huge volume of searches on linkedin (as noted above). Most of these people are searching for these key decision makers and making contact. Unfortunately they just don’t do it the right way. Alex told me that he finds that most of his students who come into his online course have previously been using techniques that come across like spam. We all get them. Someone sends you a contact. You accept and 5 minutes later they are pitching their product.

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Who actually responds to that? (not me) the biggest challenge for him is to break old habits. Alex said: “there’s a lot of wasted opportunity out there, through linkedin you can literally connect with hundreds if not thousands of key decision makers and start building a relationship with them without spending a cent on advertising or marketing!” if you do it Namibia phone number right, linkedin is an absolute gold mine for new business, partnerships and media opportunities. So my point, get on your profile now and start working on it, then really start to harness the power of linkedin for your business growth. 

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If you need some free advice, I can’t recommend alex’s free guide highly enough, download it now and be one of the other 14,000 professionals who are transforming the way they market themselves using his 3 step methodology.Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to set up a whole new website, or an established brand looking to give your existing website a makeover, you probably already know that setting up a website is not easy. 

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However, if you are laboring under an incorrect set of assumptions, it is even harder. In this post, I plan to debunk some of the most widespread myths about website development. If you’ve fallen for some of these beliefs, don’t feel bad. You’re not stupid – they are. Running a website is complicated and challenging, and these myths are mostly propagated by amateurs with half-baked knowledge on how to put up a website. Without further ado, here are six crazy myths about website development that you should stop believing right now. Traffic

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