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We have to rely on listeners being intereste enough in our product to sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools AWT or a trial. However, our free backlink checker generates demand and leads because it attracts attention and interest and has a lead generation mechanism untitle If you re specifically intereste in lead generation, check out the beginner s guide below. Suggeste reading Lead Generation The Beginner s Guide 5 Proven Demand Generation Strategies With Examples Here are five best practices we ve used at Ahrefs to drive demand from our audience. 1. Write product-oriented blog posts The Ahrefs blog gets an estimated 276,000 visits per month untitled The blog shows website owners how to use Ahrefs tools to solve their SEO and digital marketing challenges .

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I put the words in bold because they represent the Germany phone number most important part. Many blogs help their audience solve problems related to their business, but very few of them tie their product into the narrative in a meaningful way. That s what we mean by product-related blog posts. For example, we recently published a post explaining how to find low-competition keywords . Because this is a challenge that Ahrefs can solve, we were able to naturally integrate our tools into the process untitled This blog post is currently getting an estimated 222 organic visits per month untitled Here s how you can use this demand generation method for your business a Find questions with search traffic potential Not every blog post has the potential to generate traffic through organic sear.

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Therefore, you must first find potentially relevant topics that have the potential for so-calle organic search traffic. This is the easiest way Go to Keywords Explorer Enter a “start” keyword relateto your niche Go to the Matching Terms report Toggle the Questions tab Here you can see a variety of keyword ideas and their estimat monthly search volume untitle In general, the higher the search volume, the higher the traffic potential of the topic. b Search for questions with “business potential” You can t write a product-focus blog post if the topic doesn t provide an opportunity to promote your product or service. We call this “business potential” and use these criteria to evaluate any topic we want to write about untitle You should do this for any topic with search traffic potential.


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