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Running on page optimizations Implement changes in content management systems CMS Management of content creation using content calendars , scheduling writers or collaborating with content writing teams and assisting them with SEO matters Develop and implement methods to collect, report, analyze and optimize SEO performance Collaborate with SEO managers and other internal marketing teams Working with developers and product teams to implement necessary features and changes Developing new SEO tests and strategies Presentation and communication of SEO strategies and projects to clients and or internal stakeholders Act as the key SEO expert consultant Keep up to date with the latest SEO trends , strategies and algorithm changes requirements At least 2 years experience in.

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SEO Good understanding of SEO best practices Greece phone number Passionate about SEO and online marketing Ability to develop, justify, communicate and implement SEO strategies across teams and with external agencies Data oriented and analytical thinking attention to detail project management skills Desirable Experience using SEO tools such as Google Search Console , Google Analytics , Ahrefs and Screaming Frog Experience with and or understanding of coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript Experience with and or understanding of other marketing activities e.g. PPC Experience in dealing with common CMS e.g. WordPress Technical SEO experience Excellent writing skills Would you like a template for this job description? Easily create a copy here . How to use this template The template is only intended as a starting point.

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It is not a panacea. Depending on whether you have an agency or run an in house team, the SEO specialist you are looking for will look different. You can add or remove elements from each section as you see fit. If a skill from the Desirable section is critical to the position you want to fill, then move it to the Requirements section. There are also a few other tips. 1. Add a brief description of your business Don’t expect people to know your business. Give a brief description of what your company does. You can insert this part right at the beginning, before the job description. Typically, companies add their brand’s mission statement. If you think your mission statement and vision add value, feel free to include them. However, try to avoid company jargon. KlientBoost’s job description is a good example of how to do this well You know new hires worry about company culture.

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