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From the big data of search to Denmark Phone Number artificial intelligence. The mobile phone can answer your various. Questions. At this time, what you need is a more accurate answer, so this is the direction. The second direction : we call it “i search you to see”. Today, a lot of information content must be more. Entertainment-oriented and Denmark Phone Number is sports-oriented, because everyone’s life is rich, and they are more. Entertainment-oriented. But in entertainment content, a lot of times you don’t have a clear keyword. Saying i know what i’m looking for. A lot of times i just want to have fun. I have 30 minutes of fragmented time. I want to watch some videos and watch. Some information, but i don’t have a clear goal.

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At this time, and asked me to search for you. It also uses artificial Denmark Phone Number intelligence technology. After understanding a person’s preferences. I use the machine to automatically help him aggregate, find. The content he is interested in. And then push it to him. There is no need for users to search through. A keyword. Some people Denmark Phone Number call this information flow. And some people call this automatic recommendation. In fact, the name is not important, what is important is that i think these two directions represent. The future development of search. 2. The future of artificial intelligence in my opinion, the future general. Artificial intelligence ecosystem will look like the following.

Human Brain Chip Denmark Phone Number

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Denmark phone number

Launched a prototype brain chip called truenorth, which is Denmark Phone Number mainly used in the field of computer. Professional learning. The truenorth chip integrates 1 million neurons and 256 million synapses. Which is equivalent to the brain of a bee. While a normal human brain contains about 100 billion neurons. And an uncountable Denmark Phone Number number of synapses. Quantum computing ordinary computers store data based. On the state of transistor circuits. While quantum computing uses quantum algorithms to operate data. Based on the quantum state of particles. Through quantum computing, parallel computing speed can be greatly improved. Unfortunately, there are no research results in this area.

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