For Example The Landing Page

Solar panels example We ourselves use the example of an installer of solar panels during our presentation. You will find it easy to project this example onto your own organization. 9 out of 10 times someone looking for solar panels comes to the Iran WhatsApp Number List installer’s website via Google. But the potential customer also visits competitor websites. In addition, the customer will most likely not make a choice immediately, but will compare the various providers in the coming weeks and only then make a choice. How nice is it that in that case you can stay positively under the attention through retargeting.

The Landing Page

For example, you can make a conversion for the landing page, for the registration page and for the thank you page. By linking all three conversions to your campaign, you can see how many people have visited your landing page, how many people subsequently viewed the registration page and how many people have actually registered. Valuable information that you can also use to optimize the registration process. Website Demographics Curious which companies have taken a look at your website? The LinkedIn Insight Tag gives you insight! With the help of the ‘Website Demographic Data’ tool, you can see which companies’ employees have visited your website or specific web pages.

Iran WhatsApp Number List

The Registration Page

This option can be found under the ‘Assets’ tab. Creating matched target groups is easy and can be done based on three option. Pages that: start with this URL. have this exact URL. have a URL that contains the specified text. The first is for targeting all your website traffic. In the case of KNOX, it would appear here All traffic. From both homepage and sub-pages is stored in this target group. The second is to store traffic from a specific sub-page.

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