Attractive Pricing and a Quality Policy for Content Creators

Although this may be true, access the content premium module. Likewise,  you have to do is create an account on the whitepress platform and complete a digital business card with your details. The data you will need to enter in the profile setup Indonesia Phone Number are general data, information about education (fields of study, specializations, courses, certificates), professional and copywriting experience, portfolio and price for different types of content: articles, social media posts , etc. The copywriter decides at what rates he wants to offer the services. At the same time, whitepress wants to offer an attractive remuneration in exchange for quality. Respect for the copywriter is a priority for whitepress, and in this sense.

It Gives Them the Opportunity

Likewise, change their price offers and the freedom Indonesia Phone Number to refuse certain orders and also to evaluate the customer. Why go through the whole process and join content premium? Here are some of the benefits you can get. Access to orders from well-known brands and top customers. Both in the country and abroad. Orders at attractive prices with clearly defined requirements. The possibility of setting the price of services. As well as the rejection of unattractive orders. From a financial point of view. Access to a control system that facilitates clear communication and stores. Complete transaction history; analysis of the number of orders. And revenues over a certain period of time; free digital business card. Tips to help you optimize your business card.

Recommendations from Customers

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Comparatively, will be useful for Indonesia Phone Number obtaining. New orders (each transaction is added to the editor’s history. Improves his authority and rating); possibility to evaluate the client and report unfair practices. Information about when the content was accepted. By the customer; fast money transfer (up to 2 working days from sending the invoice). Likewise, easy-to-generate template for a copyright transfer contract. Intelligent algorithm that ensures accuracy. Although this may be true, command selection once the copywriter completes their profile, the system automatically selects the subject areas based on the information and keywords provided. At the same time, the copywriter receives a score based on his or her writing skills on a particular topic. This will help marketers find the right copywriter for a particular order.

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