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Fight against the weaknesses of human nature Kuwait Phone Number the other is the demonstration effect. Even if there is such an adjustment mechanism, it is necessary to grasp. Typical cases to make users fearful. Otherwise, there are Kuwait Phone Number rules and no one implements them. For example, i often park my car in the community, and i will not report it when i see others park in the community. Because everyone is convenient. And everyone has formed an unspoken rule by default. However, once someone reports it, forming a broken window effect and breaking the unspoken. Rules formed spontaneously by users, can the existing pattern changed.

This Requires the Kuwait Phone Number

Government to continuously Kuwait Phone Number publicize negative cases. Grasp typical cases, and use heavy penalties to make users. Fear the platform rules, so as to continuousl.y resist the weaknesses of human nature. To create a “prisoner’s dilemma” between users, they ultimately choose to expose. Each other Kuwait Phone Number rather than keep silent. Recently, i have also seen that mobike is consciously. Taking some measures, but it has not made users. Realize how much stake it has on them, and the rewards and punishments. Are not direct enough. It is necessary to strengthen the rewards and punishments. Break the balance between users through price leverage, and strengthen the rules of the platform. Through the promotion of typical negative cases.

Strengthen the Role Kuwait Phone Number

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Of points and find a suitable exit to mak Kuwait Phone Number the point leverage effective. Network effects and alternatives, local network effects since it just needed, there must multiple solutions, and users will spontaneously choose which solution is more beneficial to them. Due to various factors in cost and supply chain, it is difficult for mobike to form a network Kuwait Phone Number effect in a short period of time. Ofo chose the campus because the campus is closed enough and it is easy to form a local network effect. In the open market, one is the openness of space, and the other is the uncertainty of user demand, which leads to higher requirements for the supply quantity to form network effects, and it is difficult to achieve a balance between supply and demand.

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