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Feedback and handling of Morocco Phone Number bicycle failures, illegal parking, etc. That is, the solution after the car has problems. The response of the customer service, etc. This is the focus of many internet service industries. Bicycles involve the Morocco Phone Number settlement of money, and users will definitely be concerned. When something goes wrong. When users encounter problems that affect use. Such as being unable to unlock or lock. They need prompt feedback and satisfactory solutions. The bicycles themselves are easily damaged, and the phenomenon of random parking is relatively serious. From the company’s point of view. It is necessary to quickly deal with user feedback problems, and to deal with these vehicles.

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Repair and move the faults, and minimize the probability. Of these faulty Morocco Phone Number vehicles used by users. The processing and circulation process of faulty. Vehicles is also a problem of vehicle efficiency. The above are some pain points and problems summarized from the city-wide demand scenario and product Morocco Phone Number service level. From the perspective of the overall situation of the company, there are still deeper problems, such as the business model of bicycle rental is not clear, and only 1 yuan each time can not be profitable; the cost, quality, and design of the bicycle itself are constantly being updated and optimized; in addition to ofo college students, is there any more expansion in the market?

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Morocco phone number

For the development of rental Morocco Phone Number bicycle services in response to the pain points written in the previous article, here are some ideas for the development of products and services. Compared with the strictness of the previous article, the latter content will be more imaginative because there is no support. According to the Morocco Phone Number data analysis, the allocation and scheduling of bicycles carried out, and virtual parking piles established. This is the most important . The pain points of bicycles have already mentioned, the problems of efficiency and utilization. It is almost impossible for bicycles to meet the needs of all users by the number of bicycles. The cost and effect of increasing the number of bicycles are definitely not as good as optimizing the allocation and scheduling of bicycles.

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