Facilitates the Customer Loyalty Process

By the way, the site visit rate can go up a lot with the sending of emails . You can build the message with links to your pages, whether for products, blog content or other purposes. Tip: 3 sales courses to turn your salespeople into real machines it has a very low cost the cost of creating an email marketing campaign is very low! There are several options for companies in attracting consumers . To choose what is best for your business, you need to know very well the roi indicator — return on investment . Speaking of email marketing for e-commerce, this indicator is very positive, since the cost is practically zero . Allows tracking of actions how to know if a strategy was really effective or not?

Increases Sales Significantly

Keeping a frequent follow-up ! In each email sent, you should monitor how the open rate and clicks on the links were . Another important metric is the unsubscribe rate, which causes IT Directors Managers Email Lists the nurturing of that lead to be interrupted. A good idea is to test different ways of building the message title — a key element for the open rate — in addition to creating different email structures and using different ctas ( call to action ). All of this can (and should) be tested to find the best answers from your target audience , optimizing the work and achieving better results . Therefore, we have seen that email marketing for e-commerce is fundamental! The benefits are huge and can make all the difference to your business.

IT Directors Managers Email Lists

Allows Tracking of Actions

Now that you’ve seen the power of email marketing for e-commerce, how about learning even more about this tool? Click on the banner below and win our e-book email marketing: the key to competitive advantage. They do this while having a cup of coffee in a cafeteria, on the bus to work or even at home, before bed. Now, there’s no doubt that your company can’t stay out of this one. >> i want to send newsletters! Email marketing automation those who invested in digital marketing strategies a few years ago, building their presence on networks and producing valuable content are probably looking for a way to manage and extract the potential of a high number of leads .

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