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So that the user can see directly how the product works. Example: Video tutorial tutorials are very similar to demo clips but are usually part of a whole series of clips. In addition, there should be no simple tutorials on how to use a product or service. There may be training materials that are not directly associated with a brand, clearly related China Phone Number to a particular business. Most often, you can see tutorials in the b2b industry – for example, when a seo company does a video tutorial on marketing activities and shares their experience. Example: 3. Testimonial our purchasing decisions are based on the recommendations of our friends, as well as other users who write their reviews on the internet.

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The testimonial of satisfied customers and business China Phone Number partners is an integral part of web design. However, some of those testimonials can be easily identified as processed texts. So, one way to authenticate your opinions about your company is video testimonials or video reviews. 1 minute clip with unbounce customer review says a lot about the app 4. Blog video (vlog) vlogs are among the most popular video content on the net. Brands use them in a variety of ways – from cooking blogs to absurd videos from blendtec’s “will it blend.” a vlog is a mix of clips with different formats, but it can also be a form of entertainment. Example: blendtec has been using videos since the beginning of youtube 5. Tiktok tiktok is a social media application that allows users to post short videos (up to 60 seconds).

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It is a very pleasant China Phone Number service, used by many giants in the market. Such as the nba, guess or sephora. Tiktok focuses on imagination and smart ideas – the short time you have to present your idea does not mean that it is easy to do. The best clips show ordinary things that come to life in a short story. Many brands use this type of video for promotional purposes. Example: 6. Animation it’s more of a video style than a distinct type. It is most often used in demonstration videos, educational materials and promotions. Animation gives you the ability to tell a story in an interesting way and to show a complex process (impossible to explain in a text) in a simple way.

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