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Refusal takes more cognitive effort. You have to actively read and search in the fine print. Refusal takes more physical effort. You have to click exactly on a small piece, instead of a big button. Clicking on a button is behavior that we are more used to and Iceland WhatsApp Number List that is therefore also easier. All of these differences make refusing cookies more difficult than accepting the automatically selected settings ( Fogg, 2009 ). Flavor 2 Figure 3 shows an example of the second ‘flavor’ . Visitors who want to refuse cookies have to perform additional actions here that cost time and effort. Again, these are things that make performing them more difficult for the visitor.

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Permission can only be refused by completing a number of additional action. In addition, the follow-up page, where you can adjust the settings, again made frequent use of tactics to make refusing permission more difficult than giving permission. Example of cookies that mislead. Figure 3. An example of a problematic cookie notification where refusing consent takes more effort than granting consent. One website that was examined, however, made a big difference (image 4). At first glance, this cookie notification seems neat. This gives the impression that the displayed settings are save by clicking on the green button.


Sheets Access Databases

Nothing is less true. By clicking on the green button, you suddenly give permission for all types of cookies. As far as I’m concerne this is pure deception because the visitor is completely misled here. I therefore consider this to be one of the most bad cookie notifications I have seen. A misleading cookie notice. Figure 4. A cookie notification that gives the illusion that clicking the green button saves the displayed settings. Cookiewall and passive consent I have not seen a real cookie wall. Where the website cannot be visited without accepting cookies.

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