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Catering entrepreneurs are already coming up with plans for how. They want to tackle it in the future, such as redistributing the tables an using ‘serving tables’ where guests can then pick up their food an drinks themselves. The changing customer experience One thing is certain: things will soon no longer be exactly as they were. And with that, the customer experience undergoes a major change. Will this be negative or positive? That is still unclear. This will undoubtedly depend on several factors. Although I myself think that the appreciation of ‘doing’ delivery after the intelligent lockdown will probably be very high and can increase customer satisfaction.

Is Ready To Deliver

On the other hand, it can also make customers feel uncomfortable an they pay attention to that one and a half meters in every aspect. Therefore, take a goo look at how you as an organization can maintain the atmosphere and the pleasant Malta WhatsApp Number List feeling of shopping, eating or getting a haircut with you. Customer satisfaction during the corona crisis Due to the corona crisis, many organizations have been internally focused to arrange everything as best as possible. This is not crazy either. A team from Harvard University investigated the effect of the corona crisis on customer experience.

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The results are not something to be happy about. Customer service has deteriorated, waiting times are increasing, companies are difficult to reach and customers are anxious. And the fact that many customer service agents work from home doesn’t help either. This increases the barrier to really being able to help customers. Disturbing, but also logical. Also read: The many guises of storytelling [infographic] Many events, weekends away or sun holidays have been cancelled.

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