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By measuring actions on a website as events, tracking them becomes a lot easier. For example, with the implementation of GA4, Google has implemented a large amount of automatic events that you previously had to set up in GTM. In GA4, these Bahrain WhatsApp Number List events are automatically collected with the base site tag. This includes events such as searches, downloads, scroll depth and video engagement. Another major advantage of this new way of measuring in GA4 is that cross-platform cross-device measurements are also possible. Using Google’s Powerful Algorithms In GA4 there will be more focus on Google’s machine learning algorithms. This gives you as a user access to automatically generated reports and insights that are much more relevant.

Event Is Just Not The Goal

By using algorithms, Google can make predictions based on the incoming data. Think of a prediction of what the results of a certain campaign will be, the predicted churn rates per channel or the potential revenue across different segments of your target group. This so-called predictive audienceswill play a greater role within GA4. Google is also putting more focus on the integration between this data in Analytics and Google Ads. In this way it helps you as a marketer to approach the right target group. These predictive audiences are a first glimpse behind the scenes of Google’s predictive algorithms.

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Just Not The Goal

I can’t wait to see what else is coming our way in the near future! Google has said in a statement that they will become much more dependent on these predictions in the future. With these kinds of predictive algorithms, they want to anticipate future ‘data gaps’ as a result of the phasing out of third-party cookies. And on a potential future without cookies in which the focus will be more on predictive analytics, and less on a complete data collection. Also read: Switch to Google Analytics 4 [extensive step-by-step plan] Suggested audiences. ‘Future-proof’ Google Tag Manager (GTM) Google also provided GTM with a new coat of paint last month. Especially the interface and the use of the debugger and preview mode has been overhauled.

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