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In doing so, they should prioritize the collection and use of first-party data, the data you obtain from direct contact with your customer. Also read: Online privacy & tracking: you should know these techniques and changes Importance of first-party data In practice, however, it is not always easy to obtain first-party data. This applies in particular to Belize WhatsApp Number List manufacturers of packaged consumer goods, for example. They already have little access to customer data from home and are dependent on information that retailers share with them. For these and other companies grappling with the potential consequences of a world without cookies, it’s time to shift the focus completely to the customer.

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This is an art that giants like Nike, Disney, Netflix and other digitally native companies have mastered perfectly. They have collected valuable first-party data over time. This is due to the fact that they offer tools and services that consumers are eager to use. They are also willing to share their personal information in return. Collecting first-party data with the consent of the end user and using it within integrated profiles offers opportunities. Namely, to effectively apply personalization whether or not visitors identify themselves on each follow-up visit.

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This helps companies, among other things, with more relevant product recommendations. The delivery of personalized offers and reminders on their own first-party channels, such as websites and mobile apps. Ongoing value exchange with customers Companies that develop a first-party data strategy must put themselves in their customer’s shoes and, as mentioned before, ask questions such as: what do customers need from us? What added value can we offer them in exchange for their first-party data? What do they get in return and how can we use the received data to optimize the customer relationship.

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