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You sell direct to customers, be it online or in a store. You keep all income and have direct contact with your customers. Unlike digital products, hardware manufacturers rarely rely on this distribution channel. They usually use a mix of different sales channels. Mass distribution intensive . You offer your products in as many places as possible. You can expect a merchant to receive up to 40 of your sales. Selective distribution. Your product will only be sold in selected stores — usually stores that specialize in your niche and that can offer you added value, such as quality support. Exclusive distribution. You contract with one or two partners who have the exclusive right to offer your product in a certain region this usually means that direct sales in that region are also excluded . OEM.

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Your product is included in another end Ecuador phone number product. Think “Intel inside” and Microsoft Windows that ships with most PCs. As you can see, your product s architecture pretty much dictates your distribution. For example, apps built for specific platforms have only one distribution channel, and the usual choice for SaaS products is direct selling. Since every business is different, I m not going to give you any advice on how to get your organization up and running . Instead, I want to give you a few tips that have helped me when launching new products or milestone features Collaborate with other departments as much as possible. This is a must when developing your GTM strategy at every stage of the process . Conduct internal polls but don t make them too formal and ask people for their insights and ideas.

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Gather requests from other departments. Ask your teammates what they need to support the product launch on their side. Create “The Source of Truth”. This is basic documentation that serves as a reference point for all future work with the product. Examples include press releases, product manuals or an online knowledge base , pricing tables, sales news guides, and FAQs. 7. Determine the budget, timeline and resources needed Bringing a product to market takes time, resources and money. You need to plan these things in advance if you want to get your product to market quickly without breaking the budget or planning for things you don t have the resources to do. This task is best managed with other departments and managers. When you re working on a budget, allocating time and resources is relatively easy.


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