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Promising a solution to the user’s problem Remember, if visitors don’t get past the introduction, they won’t read your content. And if they don’t read your content, they won’t convert, share, or link to it. Here ‘s how to write a compelling introduction. 3. Use headings to create a hierarchy Headings like H1 and H2 help create hierarchy and break up your content into logical sections. This will make your content easier to scan and understand. For example, the list you are reading right now is divided into five different sections. Checklist for SEO basics Technical SEO checklist Content Checklist On Page SEO Checklist Link building checklist Each of these points has subheadings for the individual checklist points. Think how much harder it would be to read this page without subheadings.

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Suggested reading What is an H1 tag? SEO Best Sri Lanka phone number Practices for 2021 4. Break up the text with pictures Nobody wants to read huge amounts of text. This overwhelms and can cause you to bounce off the page . Images solve this problem by breaking up your text and promoting visual understanding. But don’t just include images just for the sake of the images. Make an effort to find or create images that enhance the reading experience. For example, we often use graphics, charts and screenshots to illustrate our statements. 5. Use short sentences and paragraphs 50 of the US population has a reading level below that of an eighth grader . So unless you want to alienate half the population, don’t overcomplicate things. Stick to short sentences and paragraphs.

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Yours Vs The Influencer’s At Louis Vuitton

You should also do this Use simple words and phrases Avoid jargon Write in the active voice Hemingway is a free, browser based tool that can help you with this. It shows you the current level of your text and suggests improvements. 6. Add a table of contents A table of contents provides jump links to different sections on the page. We use them in most of our posts While you can include a table of contents on any page, it works best for long pieces of content that would otherwise be difficult to navigate. Since most of our posts are over 2,000 words, they are very useful to our visitors. A table of contents can also help you gain sitelinks in the SERPs. Suggested Reading What Are Sitelinks? How to influence them Checklist for on page SEO On page SEO is all about optimizing the actual content of your site.


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