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Measurement ID into the pop-up window. Check the IP anonymization box if you want to hide visitors IP addresses from Google. Click Save . If you use another CMS/platform. Google has links to how-to guides for most CMS listed here . However, you will find that not all platforms offer the new “G-” ID in GA4. So in some cases you have to do the installation manually by copying the complete gtag.js code in the <head>section of your website. Alternatively, you can also use the Google Tag Manager GTM . GTM is a slightly advanced option for beginners. Still, it s my preferred method for adding on-page tags because I usually need to add multiple marketing performance tags Facebook, HubSpot, etc. . If you want to learn more about Google Tag Manager, read this.

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Test your setup Google Analytics tracking errors are Belize phone number not uncommon. That s why it s important to test your set-up before you call it a day. There are several ways to do this, but by far the simplest is with Google s Tag Assistant Chrome extension . Although this is an older product, it still works and is still downloadable. Here s how to test your settings with the extension Install the extension . Open your site. Click on the extension s icon in your browser bar. Click Activate and refresh your website. An incorrectly installed tag is shown with a sad smiley and red A correctly installed tag is shown with a happy smiley and green How to set up goals Google Analytics automatically starts measuring your site traffic and user interactions such as page scrolling, outbound clicks, site searches, video engagement, and file downloads.

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All of these automatically tracked events can be marked as goals. Any additional goals, such as filling out forms or phone calls, you must set up with GTM as an event. In your GA4 property, click on “Configure” it looks like a table icon in the left navigation. Just tick the “Mark as Conversion” box for the events you want to trigger as a conversion. How to use Google Analytics If you ve set everything up correctly, you re probably wondering how you can use Google Analytics now. This question is difficult to answer because there is no uniform method. Google Analytics can give you hundreds of pieces of information about your website and how you use it depends on the data you want to know.


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