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What we see is that a transformation process is full of ups and downs. Often a person starts working full of new energy, only to be confronte with setbacks. This can lead to fear, danger and guilt. Subsequently, an ascending line can be followe after which someone has reached his transformation goal. Several interruption hazards have been described during Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List the different phases during the transformation process. Such as denial that you need to change or deception if you think you thought you were on the right path but you are not. When recording a customer journey.

Have Visited Your Website

It is important to provide insight into these dangers and to anticipate them when directing the transformation process. Determining the structure of the customer journey By describing the transformation process for your target group, you are able to clarify the structure of your customer journey. It is advisable to do this on the basis of insights from a persona canvas. You can use your persona canvas to structure the transformation process. After someone has actually gone through the customer journey, you gain insight into where possible improvements can be mae. You can include these components in an improved version of your journey.

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Because a persona canvas that connects to personal transformation goals does not yet exist, I developed this persona transformation canvas (pdf). Persona transformation canvas The persona transformation canvas provides insight into your user group: the main drivers the most important factors in the field of resistance and motivation the transformation goal The canvas offers help in bridging the gap from the existing situation to the transformation goal. The attached persona canvas offers a solution for gaining insight into the right insights.

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