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The different types of market research. primary research Whenever the research is done by you or on your behalf and you nee to create the data to solve a specific problem, it’s calle primary market research. Examples focus groups, interviews, surveys more on this later in the article . Main advantages It is tailore to your brand and your products or services and you can control the quality of the data. secondary research Whenever you use pre existing data gathere from other companies and organizations, you are doing secondary market research. Examples Secondary and third party sources such as articles, white papers, reports, industry statistics, internal data already collecte. Key Benefits You get a macro perspective of your market as secondary research involves other market participants and.

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Most likely uses a larger dataset than your primary China phone number sources. Primary Research vs. Secondary Research Primary and secondary market research are different, but by no means oppose. It is even recommende to use both. While primary sources give you a focuse, microscopic perspective on your company, secondary research shows you how other companies are doing and how your research results compare to larger sample sizes. Market research subcategories Now a bit more theory for all you marketing geeks out there. Professional market researchers distinguish between the following sub types of primary and secondary market research Qualitative Research Think of interviews, open ende questions, results expresse in words rather than numbers and graphs.

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This type of research is use to understand the underlying reasons, opinions and motivations. Quantitative Research Think polls, polls, normally close questions, results expresse in numbers and statistics. This type of research is use to test or confirm hypotheses or assumptions by quantifying define variables like opinions or behaviors and generalizing results from larger samples of data. Overview of market research methods Let’s go through some popular market research methods that you can use yourself and or outsource. Internal data analysis The data you have already collectd from your company is an invaluable source of data for secondary research. The longer you operate this, the more data you have available. The best thing about your internal data is that it has been put into.

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