It Is Not Efficient That It Takes Time to Search

For a file even though it is information that you want to check immediately. I feel sorry for my colleague who will send me the file immediately while i am busy. File management is personalized depending on the salesperson, the information entered on USA Phone Number List the sheet may vary and maybe crazy. Or rather, the person in charge of the previous person did not enter any information. There are too many unclear points, and i ask mr. D, who has the longest company history, to share information, but it seems difficult to find in the drawer of memory (laugh) in that case, i will give up gracefully. Increase. It’s impossible.

Anyway, the Input Items

And management methods completely USA Phone Number List individual-dependent, and the negotiation status and customer information cannot be visualized or shared, so it takes time to create materials for the business meeting once a week. Meetings can take more than two hours. The time you can concentrate on a meeting is at most one hour! Black box because it cannot taken over from its predecessor i use excel for customer management there as well. As for the workplace i used to have, i used excel to manage customers there as well. Some of the customer information managed by the transferred or retired members contained only the company name, the person in charge, and contact information. Since the past negotiation status and purchased products were not enter. I could not grasp the relationship with the customer.

So I Had a Hard Time

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However, approaching when contacting again. If you are a USA Phone Number List company employee, you cannot avoid personnel changes or retirement. However, if you want to have a good relationship with your customers for a long time, not only the company name, person in charge, and contact information, but also information such as past negotiation status and purchased products is very important. I often think about the next approach from that information, so i want to make a habit of inputting properly. Especially when the salesperson in charge changes, the first approach of the successor is very important. In a sense, it uses a different nerve than new customers.

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