Edamame New Cars vs Boom Cars: AT’s New Auto Retail Battle

Maodou vs Dangeche, such as Alipay pk WeChat payment, is also the battle between Tencent and Ali in the field of new automotive retail. The layout of Internet giants in the field of automobiles has made Mexico Phone Number  financial leasing + new retailing since 2017. potential”.

The concept of new retail was hyped up last year. If we calm down and understand the meaning inside, we will find that it is not difficult to understand. The key is to make the experience well, and Apple is the benchmark for new retail.

The new retail of automobiles is deeply rooted in the hope that new technologies and big data will be used to extend the entire consumption life cycle, improve the experience of key nodes, and win word of mouth and profits.

This article makes a simple and proper competitive analysis of edamame vs.

one. The background and brief discussion of new auto retail

1.1 Background of new auto retail

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Mexico Phone Number

It should be noted that car financial leasing is not new, nor is it an exotic product. According to the Roland Berger consulting report, 15% of the vehicles in the world are in the form of financial leasing, compared with 46% in the United States and only 2.7% in the Chinese market.

On the one hand, the focus of economic development has gradually shifted to industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading, and the state has continued to increase the stimulus to consumption. For example, this year’s Two Sessions decided to reduce tariffs on imported cars.

On the other hand, the supervision of Internet finance has increased, and the simple and rude “cash loan” has been put under a spell, and financial products have been transformed. Employers need to use new scenarios to seek profits, and large-scale asset transactions are very suitable for the needs, such as monthly rent payment, 10% down payment to pick up a new car, overseas travel installments, etc.

And car financing leasing is currently a blue ocean market, so that Qudian has also stepped in and launched the “big white car installment”, wanting to divide a piece of the cake.

Just kidding, all those who do “usury” are here, indicating that the returns in this market are fast enough, high enough, and risk control is mature.

As Hegel said, “To be is to be reasonable”.

1.2 Positioning of new auto retail

Automobile sales have two characteristics, one is “bulk commodity” and the other is “asset attribute”.

In the past, Yiche, Autohome, was a big traffic player, monetizing traffic and guiding demand groups to buy cars offline. This is the end point. 4S stores know that you want to buy a car, but nothing else.

The integration of marketing-sales-service resources to improve user experience is what new retail needs to do.

(2) From the perspective of buying a house, everything costs money for food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

Let’s take a look at a set of real data. Even if they live in a first-tier city, the residents’ disposable income is still less than 6w. Yuan .

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