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Go through the following 3 steps Detect Here you investigate whether you have collected PII. You do this by investigating whether PII has ended up in all systems to which you send a page URL. These are, for example, Google Analytics, DV 360 and Facebook Uganda WhatsApp Number List Ads Manager. In addition, you map out the reasons why this PII is collected on a website. It is very important to continue to do this periodically in order to be able to intervene as quickly as possible as soon as PII is collecte (again). 2. Delete If you know that PII has indeed been collected, remove it from all systems where it is stored.

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More importantly, getting rid of the root cause of this problem is by modifying the website so that PII no longer appears in the URL. 3. Prevent In practice, it is impossible to always prevent PII from being collecte (and thus be 100% GDPR AVG-proof. There are many forms of PII. I think that as a company you should at least be able to demonstrate that you have taken preventive (and reactive) measures. That is why it is good to start by researching which types of PII can be collecte. Because many different types of data are classified as PII, it is highly company, industry, and context-dependent which possible forms you may collect.

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Reduce the chance of collecting PII Do you collect email addresses or credit card numbers? With the right adjustments in Google Tag Manager it is possible to detect and overwrite PII before you send data to, for example, Google Analytics or DV 360. The chance that PII will be collected again in the future is much smaller. Prevention is better than cure, also taking into account the high fines and possible reputational damage. Now you can investigate for yourself if you accidentally collected PII and manually remove it from Google Analytics.

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