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For example, “best coffee maker” and “how to make coffee with cream” are promising content ideas for our online coffee shop. These are topics that our audience is likely to search for and have high search volume, so we add them to our keyword list. Do this until you have 30 50 potential content ideas. PRO TIP When you’re looking for content ideas for a new website, it’s often worth filtering for keywords with low Keyword Difficulty KD values. It’s usually easier to rank for these keywords. To do this, set the KD filter to a low maximum value, eg 10. c Check your competitors People tend to use the same seed keywords in keyword research tools , which means you often end up seeing the same keyword ideas as everyone else. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does keep you in the box .

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Because of this, you should also look at Nigeria phone number what your competitors are creating content about. When looking for content ideas for your website , you must first identify your competitors. The easiest way to do this is to view your keyword list in Keywords Explorer and then view the Traffic Share by Domains report to see which websites are getting the most traffic from those keywords. Look for sites that seem to be focused on your topic, then click the caret and go to the Top Pages report to see which of your pages are attracting the most estimated search traffic. In our case, we see some good content ideas with search traffic potential that we wouldn’t have found otherwise, such as Keurig troubleshooting Nespresso reusable pods How do you descale a Keurig? How do you froth milk.

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Nespresso vs Keurig If you need more ideas, you can repeat this process for additional competitors. Simply go to the Competing Domains report in Site Explorer , search for relevant websites, click the caret to check the estimated search traffic, then enter the website in Site Explorer and check the Top Pages report . If you’re looking for content ideas for YouTube , you must first find competing channels. To do this, you search YouTube for a topic that you have already found. For example, if we search “how to make coffee in a coffee maker” we will see a few channels related to coffee. Next, you can browse their videos for topics that you may not cover. In our case, we see videos on the following topics moka pot Aeropress Prepare whipped cream yourself.


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