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Make your ads specific and relevant – do not beat around the bush, just be concise and get to the point. Moreover, avoid using irrelevant words and include those words only that adds value to your productservice. Highlight the unique selling proposition and include a strong call-to-action (cta). A good cta measures the effectiveness of your ppc campaigns and also increases the ctr. While creating a cta, avoid the use of generic phrases like ‘click here’ and instead use phrases that convince the users to click the link and complete the desired course of action. 7.

Put in ad extensions ad extensions are the ad formats that show additional information about your product. When you show extra information about your products, you help your customers get to know you and your products in an optimal way. Ad extensions also improve your visibility, increase the ctr and improve the overall roi. To ensure that your ppc campaigns benefit from the ad extensions, you need to choose the right ad extension: sitelinks extensions are the additional links in the ads that direct visitors to reach their desired location on your website. 

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These extensions provide links to additional landing pages to give more specific options. Call extensions allow visitors to call you with the help of just one click. This makes it easy for your potential visitors to call you. Location extensions improve your Bulgaria phone number ads by displaying your physical address, contact number, and a map to show directions to reach out to you. They make it easy for local customers to reach out to you quickly. App extensions come in the form of links just below your ads, and direct the visitors to the app store or provide a download link of the app.

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 Review extensions come from online reviews, which online customers are proven to trust and turn to. 8. Make ad-specific landing pages your ad copy and landing page are complementary to each other. The ad copy will work at its optimum level only if it is aligned to its relevant landing page. It’s therefore important to write the ads while keeping in mind what is being offered on the landing page. Some advertisers make this mistake of either directing visitors to the homepage or creating a generic landing page for all ads in the campaigns. Align your ads to your landing page as both of them correlate to each other. Make sure you highlight the benefits, features and the usp 

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In your landing page that you mentioned in your ad copy to ensure consistency. 9. Conduct ab testing of ppc elements ab testing is a process which is omnipresent on every level of ppc campaigns, whether in the keywords, ad copy or the landing page. Ab testing is a critical part of ppc campaigns because it makes your ads more relevant. To test your ppc ads, you need to decide which of the following elements of the ad to test: the headline description link keywords ad extensions on the other hand, to test your landing pages, you can choose any of the following elements to test: design headline images benefits and features cta since the ppc 

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