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Regardless, mini-programs and tencent cloud have. Four application Austria Phone Number scenarios: file upload and download cloud scenarios, websocket long-connection applications, session management. Applications, and video application scenarios. Important to realize, file upload and download 15 the wechat applet. Framework provides an interface Austria Phone Number for uploading and downloading files. Which is used to upload local resources to the specified. Server, or download the resources. Of the specified url to the local, but the wechat. Although this may be true, framework only provides a client-side. Solution and lacks the corresponding server-side counterpart. Realization requires applet developers to build. Their own upload, download and storage servers. From scratch. Tencent cloud helps developers

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Regardless, developing applet Austria Phone Number programs, allowing developers. To focus more on business development. Important to realize, be more efficient. Scenario 2: websocket long connection application. 16 tencent cloud uses its own cloud-based stable and high-performance. Basic services with mirroring to provide a cloud-based. Solution for Austria Phone Number connections. Although this may be true,reduces the cost of developers using websocket. Long-term connections, and enables small programs to use websocket. Long-term connections to communicate. More efficiently and quickly. Scenario 3: session management application 17 tencent. In general, uses its own stable and rich basic services in the cloud. To help developers build applets with session. Management function and provides cloud.

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Although this may be true, management and a small program. Regardless, to help developers reduce. The cost of building a complete applet, so that developers can. More focus on the Austria Phone Number implementation of business logic. Important to realize, video application scenario 18. The wechat applet framework has rich xml/wxss/js apis and supporting documents to help developers quickly. Build popular video applications. The wechat applet Austria Phone Number framework mainly provides client-side solutions. But building a complete video application must. There must be supporting cloud support, the most important of. Which are the streaming media transcoding. Cluster and the streaming media playback service cluster. Tencent cloud brings together. Tencent’s powerful video processing capabilities

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