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Involved in putting together a round-up post happens in step 4, ‘doing the outreach’. Relationship building 101 round-up posts are the key to building relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your sphere. There are at least five points of contact with each expert in the process of creating a round-up post: the initial outreach the expert’s response your ‘thank you’ email your email notifying them that the post is live

Their email telling you they’ve just shared it with their followers on twitter that’s a lot opportunity for building close rapport with experts in your niche! Now, let’s talk about how you start a snowball effect. Wait for it: you write a second round-up post. When you start your second round-up post, you approach the same list of experts who contributed to your first round-up. Let’s say your first roundup had 25 experts and 15 of them respond to your second roundup question. You now need to search for some new experts in your niche. But you’re in a stronger position than you were before. 

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Because when you email your new batch of experts, you can mention that you already have responses from 15 other experts. Towards the end of your outreach email, you can say: just so you know you’ll be in good company, here are the experts who have Colombia Cell phone numbers already responded: expert 1 of ‘blog 1’ expert 2 of ‘blog 2’ expert 3 of ‘blog 3’ expert 4 of ‘blog 4’ expert 5 of ‘blog 5’ etc… as you can see, round-up posts have the power to have a snowball effect – as long as you write more than one and play it for the long haul. Each roundup post lays the foundation for the next. And each successive roundup post is bigger than the last. 

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The psychology behind this is pretty simple: the people on your second list of experts are far more likely to respond when they see that other experts (whose names they recognize) have already responded. It’s human nature – no one wants to be left out. Planning your guest post the next stage in your guest posting journey comes after you’ve done three or four round-up posts and you’re ready to move to the next stage of this strategy – guest posting itself. You should now have a list of 40+ experts who have contributed to your round-up posts and know who you are. 

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You may even have built a close rapport with some of them. Those same experts no doubt have blogs and most of them will accept guest posts. It’s important to remember that – as a beginning blogger – the main reason you are guest posting is to gain relevant backlinks that will boost your own domain authority (da). So the next step in this strategy is to compile a spreadsheet with columns for the expert’s name (column a), their blog url (column b), and their email address (column c). You’ll also need one more column, titled ‘domain authority’ (column d). Go to open site explorer and type in the domain name of each of the blogs in your

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