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Website will rank on page  of the search results for any given keyword. And here’s the bad news: if your domain authority is less than about 25 or 30, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to get a page 1 ranking for any of your chosen keywords. Blogging is a notoriously hard scene to break into. So here’s why guest blogging should be a priority of yours if you’re really serious about establishing a name for yourself. Blogging guide free download the ultimate guide to blogging for small business first name * email * download now 

The world of guest blogging look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. Guest blogging is also a hard scene to break into. The days when every second website you landed on had a menu tab titled ‘write for us’ are long gone. Established bloggers get overwhelmed by guest posting pitches, and that’s why, at times, guest posting can seem like an exclusive club that has stopped taking new members. But there’s a secret backdoor into guest posting! And that’s what I’m going to reveal to you in this article. It’s a highly effective way that I discovered quite by accident myself.

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It landed me my first, second, third, and fourth guest posting opportunity. But before we get into the details, I’d like to emphasize how important it is for you to understand the importance of traffic building. There are only two types of traffic building Chile phone number techniques: those that work when you have an audience those that work when you don’t have an audience if you’re a beginner blogger, you’re probably only interested in techniques that belong in the second category, at least at this stage. The two that work best are interviews and guest posting, and the strategy I’m about to tell you about combines both.

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The magical backdoor I’ve read a lot of tips from experts about guest posting. They all have different approaches. But one thing they all agree on is that if you write to them to pitch a guest post and they’ve never heard of you, you won’t even get a foot in the door. Of course, there are plenty of ways of trying to get on an expert’s radar. You can follow them on twitter, you can comment on their blog posts, you can sign up to their newsletter, and so forth. These things work, to a degree. But they don’t really build relationships. It’s relationships that open the doors to guest posting. 

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That’s where round-up posts come in! What’s a round-up post, I hear you say? It’s an interview. Or rather, it’s any number of mini-interviews all in the same post. You simply reach out to a handful of experts and ask them the same topical question. And you end up with a bunch of responses that form the basis of your round-up post. There are six key steps involved in putting together a round-up post: deciding on the question finding the experts finding their email addresses doing the outreach writing the article promoting the article most of the work

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