Distribution According to Profit Armenia Phone Number

Distribution according to profit”, and then to “production Armenia Phone Number according. To consumption, distribution according to value”, shuimuran believes that china will definitely “produce according to demand and allocate. According to demand” in the future. To meet all human needs, this is communism. The flow of china’s Armenia Phone Number industrial chain. Is counterattacking 6 therefore, the group of traditional dealers will disappear, and designers who can transform into products according to consumers. Ideas will appear in large numbers. 8. The evolution of chinese advertising formats 7 traditional advertising always relies on the power of the media to influence people, such as cctv’s bidding.

Later Internet Advertising Armenia Phone Number

Began to rely on technology to achieve Armenia Phone Number precise delivery. Such as delivery by region, revenue, and time period. Later, the rise of social media enabled good advertising. To spread spontaneously, and the best advertising Armenia Phone Number in the future must be the product. Itself, and the best product must also have advertising effects. 9. The core changes in china’s business competition 8 real estate deals with locations, traditional internet. Deals with traffic, and we-media deals with fans. The future is a battle between “influence” and “appeal”, and the instant linkage of “core fans” is the “gravitational wave” of future business. 10. The evolution of chinese. Media 9 the media is moving from concentration to divergence, from unity to checks and balances.

The Rise of Self-Media Armenia Phone Number

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Even so / though, have two major results. First, it will arouse Armenia Phone Number the enthusiasm of many people for creation. Words, as a basic attribute of human beings, will finally be retrieved, and the emotional side will be stimulated, which can nourish this increasingly mechanized world. Second, china’s discourse power has begun to fission, and Armenia Phone Number ordinary people are eager to participate in the decision-making power of public affairs, such as who should be invited to the spring festival gala. In the future, everyone will be a self-media, and the generation of information flow will make the media die. 11. China will become increasingly segmented the industry will become more vertical and more collaborative.

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